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Brow and Lash Services

Our eyes are the windows to our soul, or so they say. Brow and Lash services work to enhance your natural features, These services include Eyebrow Waxing, Eyebrow Lamination, Eyebrow Microblading, Eyebrow threading, Eyebrow Tinting, Lash lifts, Lash Tint, And Lash Extensions.

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EyeBrow Lamination

Brow lamination involves straightening and lifting the hairs using a chemical solution, which allows the hairs to have more flexibility to move them into your desired shape, therefore covering any gaps or stray areas,’ my therapist Thea explains.

After your natural brow hairs are straightened, a fixing solution is applied to keep the hairs straight, as well as a tint if desired. The result is fuller-looking brows that stay in place when brushed into shape, lasting around six weeks.

Brow Services come with Complimentary Cleanup (no wax)

Brow Lamination


Brow Tint (Henna)


Brow Lamination and Tint


Lash Lift and Tint

lash lift is essentially a perm for your lashes that offers eye-popping results by creating a natural curl and lift to your lashes. Everyone has different lash lengths and growth direction. Some lashes grow down while others grow straight out. The lash lift process creates a natural eye-opening lash swoop that lasts for several weeks.

Additional Services

Eyebrow threading                   $14

Eyebrow Waxing                       $25

Flare Lash Extentions              $80

Eyebrow Microblading

Instead of using a traditional tattoo gun, microblading requires the use of a small tool with teeny, tiny needles. These needles are used to manually draw delicate hair strokes while also depositing pigment under your skin. The result? Realistic-looking brow hairs that don’t wash off.

Consultation Required.


Lash Lift and Tint


Lash Lift


Lash Tint


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